Frequently asked questions

- What do we buy?

We buy luxary designer items, mainly bags also 23-24k gold jewlery. We only by items in good condition and of high quality. Please note that we only take vintage peices from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes.


- How much are the shipping costs?

We charge 200 sek for shipping all over Europe. To other parts of the world charges are set from time to time.


- What about customs fees and taxes?

Within EU taxes are included in the price and there will be no customs fees. Outside EU there can be charges for taxes and customs fees that you have to pay.

check the rules of your country before you order.


What freight company will be used to ship my item?

Most of the time we use Postnord but other companies can be used from time to time.


Do I have to pay  in advance when I buy something?

Not always. We can also offer part paymens and invoice with Klarna.




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